FAQ (Frequently asked Questions)

Can I return the hair and get my money back if I'm not satisfied?

No. All Sales Are Final!!

Due to health regulations and sanitation concerns we cannot except any hair back after you received it.

If you feel as if you received the wrong order (very rare) and the hair is in its original condition (untampered unused unraveled) please notify us by email at sultresss@gmail.com or call 919-391-3914 immediately within 5 days of receiving your items so we can start the procedure of exchanging your order.

Please double check your order before you pay to make sure that everything is correct. Make sure your address, telephone number, and email are correct or there will be a delay in your order. Once your order is taken you then receive an email confirming your purchase and then it's processed, it then becomes final. No changes after that.


What bundle textures do you have?

 We carry 5 textures in our Original Brazilian, Luscious Hair, and Blonde 613 (up to 2 textures) hair: 

  • Straight
  • Body Wave
  • Loose Wave
  • Deep Wave
  • Curly 

Sultry Hair includes 6 textures: 

  • Silk
  • Wave
  • Alluring Wave
  • Passionate Wave
  • Seductive Wave
  • Sultry Curls

 There are also 5 different origins:

  • Brazilian
  • Luscious Mink (Higher Quality Brazilian)
  • Indian Curly
  • Malaysian
  • Peruvian

All the hair is 3.5oz to 3.7oz in weight


How many bundles do I need?

It all depends on the texture and length of the hair. Now keep in mind the hair weighs between 3.5-3.7 oz so the longer the hair the shorter the wefts will be.

Lengths 10"-16" you will need between 2-3 bundles. Lengths 18"-30" you will need 3-4 bundles. You can add more bundles if you desire a fuller look. 


How long does it take to receive my order?

In general, it will take 5-7 business days to receive an order but that doesn't include any delays with the post office.

On special orders like wigs and clip-ins can take up to 7 business days because it is customized to each and everyone's need.

Bundle deals can also take up to 7 business days to ensure all bundles are correct and inspected to make sure it's up to our standards.

International orders can take 7-10 business days to ship and receive due to delays with customs, etc. There also may be additional cost for customs and duties. For Bundle Deals can take longer to ship and receive (up to 14 days).

Keep in mind if you place an order on the weekend or on any holidays expect delays. Your order will not process until set business hours.


How long will my bundles last?

Our Original Brazilian hair can last from 1 to 1 & a 1/2 years depending on your upkeep. Our Luscious hair and Sultry Textures can last from 1-2 years. Please take good care of your bundles. It does have the potential to last longer than that.

Make sure to always use a heat protectant when you're blow drying and styling. With the wave and curly textures, the more you apply heat over time it can change the texture. It's the same with your own naturally curly hair. The more heat you apply the looser and straighter the texture becomes.